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What is the cost of recovery; and do you charge a fee for diagnosis?


Cost of recovery:

Cost of recovery will depend on a number of factors such as;

- type of unit (SDD, HDD, NAS, RAID etc)

- type of damage (mechanical, electrical, logical etc)

- physical damage to the unit and severity of damage

- capacity of the unit (esp units over 1 TB)

- if unit has been repaired previously elsewhere.

- data corruption and encryption

We provide 95% fixed quotes on initial diagnosis. Quotes provided are exclusive of VAT.

Graffs data offers logical recovery from as little as £99 and mechanical recovery from £495. In recovery, as a rule of thumb, logical damage (software related) is less costly than devices with internal (electrical/mechanical) damage more > disk failures  . Complex infrastructures such as RAID, NAS units will cost significantly higher due to them being classed under business category, compare to windows and Mac internal/external drives. Quote is then adjusted for complexities such as encryption, risk to data, hdd architecture, capacity esp if over 1 Terabyte etc.

To Obtain an accurate quote, please open a support ticket, giving as much information as possible on the condition and response of damaged device plus last task performed, software applications used, error messages, software and hardware installed recently.

Devices with electrical, mechanical and power issues will most likely need to be sent in for testing as they are very difficult to diagnose remotely.


Diagnosis & Testing: 

NO additional charges for diagnosis and evaluation are payable unless order cancellation is initiated by the customer. This fee has been introduced due to high volume of damaged devices received at our labs.

Please note, NO diagnosis fee applies if, after evaluation by us, a unit is deemed beyond recovery.

No recovery no fee structure stays unaffected.

Figure below illustrates our diagnose payment structure (if cancellation initiated by the customer).


  • £20 is applicable on HDDs surface-testing, and diagnosis (excluding units with broken manufacturers seal, NAS, RAID) 
  • £40 is applicable on NAS hdd drives, laptops, desktops, mobiles, mp3 players and cameras disassembly to remove hard disk/carry out pc repairs.
  • £100 is applicable on business RAID, NAS server units.
  • £100 is applicable on all HDD units with broken manufacturers seal prior to reaching our labs.
  • and a full price quote is applicable on Forensic testing.


Cost of recovery



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