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Hard drive, RAID arrays and NAS (Network Attached Storage) issues
I dropped my drive/laptop, i now hear clicking, beeping and abrasive noises when i turn on the drive
How do I know, if my drive is affected by physical failures?
How do I know, if my drive is affected by logical failures?
My drive crashed, not detected by operating system
NAS (Network Attached Storage) and RAID recovery
My drive has been affected by liquids/fire; is there a chance of recovery?
What operating and file systems are supported by graffs data recovery?
Do you provide hard disk repair service?
Should I try and fix my drive at home?
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost of recovery; and do you charge a fee for diagnosis?
What is covered by NO RECOVERY NO FEE policy?
What services are included in the quote?
What payment options are available?
Is there a minimum charge; when does it apply; why is it not covered by NO RECOVERY NO FEE?
What's the time frame; and how long will the procedure take?
Do I need a backup device?
What is the recommended method of payment?
What is the general rate of success?
What charges are payable on cancellation and returns?
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Other recovery issues
Apple iOS recovery (iPhone and iPad recovery)
My videos and photos have been erased/deleted from a digital camera
My flash card (SD, MMC, Memory Stick, Microdrive) is broken/not working
My MP3 music files are missing or accidentally deleted from MP3 player/hard drive/pc laptop
My personal files/documents (.doc, .pdf, .xls, .dbf, .pub etc) are corrupted/deleted
My USB flash drive has been broken/not working
My address book, contacts (.PST) are missing/gone
My MS Outlook/Outlook Express (.PST, .DBF) emails have been corrupted/deleted
My CD/DVD discs are not reading, have scratches or skipping issues
Laptop/Desktop PC issues
My hardware is not being detected
My laptop won't boot/start
I have virus/malware/spyware detected on my computer
My desktop/laptop pc has slow performance issues
My operating system is corrupted
I have networking/wireless issues
Could I have my pc/laptop password reset?
Terms of service and privacy
What personal data is collected?
How do you ensure customer data integrity?
I am worried about privacy issues; are my personal details safe?
What financial information is kept by GraffsData?
How do you use the personal data?
Where do I find graffsdata terms and conditions?
How can I obtain personal data collected, by graffsdata?
Collection and delivery
How do I send my damaged unit to Graffs data recovery?
How much will the delivery cost?
How do I arrange a collection?
Do you provide online parcel tracking?
How much will collection cost?
I don’t live in London; what should I do?
Do you provide on-site data recovery?
Insurance and claims
What do I do if my item is damaged/lost in mail?
Is collection and delivery covered by insurance?
Is data recovery procedure covered by insurance?
How do I file a claim; what evidence is needed to file a claim?
How do I purchase additional insurance?
How much will I be able to claim back?
Help and support
How do I obtain a quote?
How do I contact graffsdata; what are the service hours?
How do I view updates/track my support ticket?
My support case is locked; what should I do?
I am not a technical expert, how do I explain the fault?
I can't remember my tracking id; should I open a new support case?
I have deleted the registration email, what do I do?
Graffs Data Recovery Complaint Handling Process

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