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Graffs data recovery – Low cost London data recovery

Affordable London data recovery specialist and a web-based company (graffs.co.uk) established since 2007 in London – United Kingdom, specialize in recovering data fromdatarecovery damaged hard disk, corrupt hard drives, RAID arrays, all types of operating systems, laptops and desktop PC. Data including databases, document files, emails, valuable photographs, videos and other storage devices commonly used by many individuals and commercial organizations.

Our London data recovery specialists using advance technology and class 100 clean room in recovering data from unintentional removal, formatting, virus attack, electrical surges or outages, dropped, undetected, unrecognized in My Computer, disasters like fire, moisture, spillage, dust etc. Most often data gets lost on storage media such as hard disk, floppy disk, RAID arrays, CD/DVD and from other electronic storage devices. Data loss occurs either by physical failure or logical failure.

In case of physical failure , a CD or DVD can have scratches on its surface; a hard disk drive read/write head can crash or electronicskeep-calm-and-get-data failed and a tape drive can just easily be destroyed. For logical failure, the data is not lost rather somehow its addresses on storage media are inaccessible such as formatting and deletion comes under the category of logical damage of data. Graffs data specialize in all data recovery scenarios; case studies of failure can be viewed in details on our hard drive logical failure and symptoms page.

Hitachi, Fujitsu, Samsung, Western Digital, Iomega, Lacie, Verbatim and Toshiba are some of the supported hard drives manufacturers.

NTFS, FAT, FAT32, SGI FX, APPLE HFS HFS+, Ext2, Ext4, ReiserFS, UFS, Sun ZFS, NOVELL and legacy apple file systems.

Microsoft Windows (all versions), Apple Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD supported host operating systems.

Fixed price data recovery start from as little as £99 for logical and £495 for mechanical recovery. To ensure peace of mind, logical recovery, PC, laptop, notebook, ipad, iphone data recovery is covered by NO RECOVERY NO FEE ** policy. Unlike other firms, for added assurance we have implemented a clear price structure so you don’t feel disadvantaged towards the cost of recovery. You are under no obligation to accept the quote provided as we’ll return the unit back to you.

(** exceptions apply)

Why choose Graffs Data Recovery?

  • Low Cost and Fixed Price Data Recovery
  • No Obligation Quote
  • Comprehensive Test Report
  • No Recovery No Fee policy **
  • Dedicated Technical Help Desk
  • UK Customer Support
  • Class 100 facilities
  • Guaranteed Data Privacy

  • FREE Back up Device (for Enhanced & Express Service)
  • Wide Range of Supported Devices
  • 95% Rate of Successful Recovery
  • Specialized iOS Device Support
  • Forensic Recovery (3-Step)
  • 1000s of Satisfied Clients
  • Collection Service
  • FREE UK Next Day Delivery


supported manufacturer device at graffs data recovery

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  • Unlimited data included
  • Up to 4 TB backup HDD
  • Comprehensive test report
  • 1-on-1 technical support
  • 1-2 day recovery
  • Business & Corporate service
  • CRC data verification
  • File corruption repair
  • Hardware encryption removal
  • 2 TB data included
  • Up to 2 TB backup HDD
  • Comprehensive test report
  • 1-on-1 technical support
  • 5-7 day recovery
  • CRC data verification
  • File corruption repair
  • 16 GB data included
  • Guaranteed lowest quote on the market
  • Comprehensive test report
  • 1-on-1 technical support
  • 7-21 day recovery


  • I am a Research Student and I was very satisfied with Graffs Data Recovery for recovering data from my External Hard drive. Their price was high (at least for a student), however, I did get what I needed. They did provide excellent customer support and communicated with me every step of the way. I wish prices were a little less, however, the work of recovering hard drives is a tough business. At the end of the day, how much is your data worth to you :)? Thank you Jos for being a rock star and handling my case with such urgency!
    Stephanie Stephens (Ontario, Canada)
  • Complete recovery of my western digital 2TB drive. Diagnosis report was useful and informative, which is where I decided to make my decision to go ahead with recovery cost
    TOM REYNOLDS (West Sussex)
  • Retrieving data off a pen drive needed to support an interview for college. This has made my disabled, but talented, son very happy and allowed us to demonstrate successfully his very special computer drawing skills. Many many thanks
  • Dropped USB ext. drive while on a pedal bike and drive was making clicking noises and as not being detected by the laptop. Graffs got all the data out , even some of the file i deleted ages ago. got my drive back in 5 days with an itemised invoice. a bit pricy at £350 but i think it was worth it considering I got over 200 gigs of data, free delivery and a new hard disc included‎
    NEIL COLMAN (Hertz)
  • My Sony VAIO laptop completely recovered from a horrible crash, 90% data retrieved. Excellent service. thanks guys
    Stephen Wood (London)